1LT Turner B. Turnbull1st Lt. Turner B. Turnbull of the 505 PIR of the 82nd Airborne served in Africa, Sicily, Italy and Normandy. He was killed-in-action near Ste-Mere-Eglise, 7 June 1944.

The D-Day Report reads as follows: "Colonel Vandervoort detached a platoon under Lt. Turner B. Turnbull and sent it to organize a defense at Neuville which was reported to be lightly held by the enemy. Lt. Turnbull moved through the town without opposition and deployed his men on the high ground north ofthe town. He was hardly in position before the enemy attacked with a force outnumbering the defenders about five to one.  The platoon fought stubbornly and for eight hours held its ground. The small action had a significance which Turnbull did not realize at the time. The fight at Neuville kept the enemy in the north at arm's length while the defenders of Ste. Mere-Eglise beat off a simultaneous attack from the south. The cost of the platoon's gallant stand was heavy. Only sixteen of the forty-two men who had gone to Neuville-au-Plain survived to be withdrawn late in the afternoon to rejoin their battalion". Lt. Turnbull received the Silver Star for this action. He was killed later by German artillery fire.

(Picture and story courtesy of 82nd ABN ASSN 4 Hiram Crockett Ct. Hampton, VA 23669)

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