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17th Airborne WW II
Medal of Honor Recipients

T/Sgt Clinton M Hedrick
S/Sgt Isadore S Jachman
Pvt George J Peters
Pfc Stuart S Stryker

Distinguished Service Cross(DSC) Recipients
1/Lt Arthur G Clark
1/Lt John W Deam
Capt Richard deY Manning
1/Lt Robert Hammerquist

Silver Star Recipients
T/Sgt Norman H Arrow
T/4 Lawrence R Bohner
Pfc Roland L Bragg
S/Sgt Merrell R Bunge
T/Sgt Paul H Burnett
Pfc Jack Cook
Pfc Donald W Cormane
Pfc Lenard P Diedrichs
S/Sgt Curtis Gadd
T/4 James F Hillery
T/Sgt Whitworh W Hoskins
Pvt Lester H Johnson

The 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Adamkoski Frank Jr Pfc Belgium 1/17/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS ARD
Adragna Jack Pvt Co F Belgium 1/16/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/PA
Allen Henry E Pfc Co B POW Stalag 12A/9B
Allen Lee W Pfc Co H Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS LUX
Allen Tom Pfc
Ames Edwin R Pvt DOW USA/WA
Anderson Horton V Pvt DOW USA/IL
Asiala Oliver A Pfc USA/MI
Attaway Kenneth W Pvt USA/GA
Badger Herschel C Pfc Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/MO
Bailey Arnold F Pfc Co A Germany 3/25/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW USA/MA
Ball William L Sgt DOW
Barker Earnest P Pfc USA/WV
Barnhill Jimmie A Pfc Co B Belgium 1/4/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/NC
Barrett Lawrence T Belgium POW
Bartholow Gale K Cpl USA/MN
Bastian June Pfc Co B   Photo on Trooper Pictures POW
Baxter Grady B Pvt USA/GA
Beatty John M T/5 USA/GA
Beaudin Abel L Pfc Germany 4/2/45 MAR
Beaulieu Leo J Pfc Hq 1 Belgium 1/8/45 BS LUX
Beltran Rodrigo L Pfc USA/GA
Bendus John W Pvt USA/MI
Bentley Robert D M/Sgt Germany POW
Berger Samuel W Jr Pvt Germany 4/3/45 DOW MAR
Berzel Robert J Pvt USA/CA
Best Ernest E Pfc Germany 3/26/45 PH (OLC) ARD
Biddle Raymond D Pvt USA/WI
Bill Lester E Pvt USA/ND
Black Donald E Pfc DOW
Black Howard T Pfc Germany 3/26/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures MAR
Black Howard V S/Sgt Germany 3/24/45 PH (OLC) MAR
Blagg James S Co B Belgium POW
Blankenship Walter R Pfc USA/VA
Blaske Walter W Cpl USA/MN
Blasko Paul G Pvt DOW USA/OH
Blevins Earl E Pfc DOW
Bloomer Arthur D Pvt DOW
Blumenfeld Jack Pfc Belgium 12/30/44 LUX
Blurton Tilford E Pvt
Boncada Manuel A Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LOR
Booth Edwin B Sgt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Bowen Robert E Pvt
Braatz Elroy J Pvt Germany 3/26/45 MAR
Brewer Wilmer T Pfc DOW
Brittain Thomas B Pfc DOW
Brookings Lawrence E Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Brooks Delmer M Pfc Belgium 1/9/45 LUX
Bross Raymond A Sgt
Brown Alton M Pfc
Brown Donald W Pvt Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Brown James A Pfc Belgium 1/4/45 ARD
Bryant Albert W Pfc
Bunge Merrett R Sgt SS
Burkhardt Andy S/Sgt
Burns Johnnie H Jr Sgt Germany 3/30/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/IL
Burt George E Pfc Co E Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/NJ
Burton Frank L Pfc
Camp David A Pfc
Carter Donald W Pfc
Cartwright Frank P Pfc Co I Belgium POW
Cater William G Cpl Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Charnell Marvin A Pvt
Chilote Albert N DOW
Clark Ronald Jr S/Sgt
Clement Robert L Jr Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Clinton Robert E Pvt
Cook Jack Pfc Co F Germany 4/6/45 SS DOW MAR
Cook Lester W Pvt DOW
Cooper Joe L Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Cormane Donald W Pfc SS
Cornacchio Vincent J Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 NOR
Cotanche Robert J Pfc USA/NY
Cox Donald B Pfc Co D Belgium 1/45 1st Pltn
Cox John V Jr Pvt Belgium 1/7/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures MIA ARD WOM
Craddock Charles E Pfc USA/KY
Craddock Howard A Pfc USA/TN
Creswick Frank R S/Sgt USA/MA
Cross Walter H Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Cruz Seledonio C Pfc USA/CA
Curry John R Pvt USA/TX
Cyburt Norman P Pvt USA/OH
Davenport Herbert C Jr Sgt Co F Germany 3/30/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures   MAR
Davies Hugh W Cpl Germany 3/25/45 MAR
Davis Floyd C Pfc USA/GA
DeGidio James C S/Sgt Co D Germany 3/24/45 USA/MN
Delmonaco Frank A T/5 Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
De Pue John N Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
DeRidder Robert F Cpl USA/MI
Derreberry Boyd R Pvt Co G Belgium 1/6/45 USA/TN
De Santo Frank D Pvt Belgium 1/16/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures LUX
DeWitt William H Jr Pfc Co D Belgium 1/12/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/OR
Diveley Wayne C Pfc Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/IL
Dolan Russel E Pvt Germany 4/3/45 MAR
Donovan Francis J T/5 USA/NY
Dowda Thomas B Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Duvall Robert L Pvt Co D Belgium 1/26/45 DOW LUX
Dybach Michael Pfc Co D Belgium 1/45 2nd Pltn USA/PA
Eastman Glen J Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Easton Lloyd G Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 H-C
Eide Kenneth M Pvt USA/WA
Eide Leo Pfc Belgium 1/7/45 H-C
Eley Rufus N Pfc Belgium USA/MS
Elliott Charles E Pfc USA/OH
Ellmer Paul J Pfc Co D Belgium 1/45 2nd Pltn USA/PA
Elsey Harold A Pvt KODY USA/MI
Ely Ambrose C Sgt USA/MN
Engbring Robert E Pfc USA/WI
Evans Jerald J Pvt USA/CA
Evans Roy H Jr Pfc USA/GA
Fahed Edward A Cpl Germany 3/28/45 MAR
Farina Anthony Pfc DOW USA/WI
Fitch John G Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Flasick Stanley W Pfc USA/PA
Flood James L Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Flores Jose B Pfc DOW USA/TX
Flower Jacob J Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Foltz Gerald W Pvt USA/IN
Fosmoen Norman C Pvt USA/WI
Fowler Harold D Pvt USA/AL
Frankenstein Robert I Sgt USA/MO
Franklin Vearl L Pvt USA/KS
Franz Richard E Sgt Belgium 1/5/45 DOW LUX
Freeman James E S/Sgt USA/AL
Freidman Fredrick Pvt Germany 3/28/45 ARD
French William H Jr Pvt Belgium 1/45 USA/MD
Galjour Thomas A Pvt USA/LA
Garner Allen P Pvt Co B Belgium 1/6/45 LUX
Gary William J Jr Pvt Co A Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Getz Eugene W Pfc Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Gibbs William L Pvt USA/VT
Gibson Laverne E Pfc Belgium 1/4/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/MN
Gilliland Albert J Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Glackin Joseph L Pfc Belgium 1/6/45 LUX
Gladfelter Kenneth E Pfc Germany 3/29/45 MAR
Glavan Fred A Pfc Co H Belgium 1/7/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  LUX
Goble James F Pfc Germany DOW USA/IN
Goddard Howard W Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Gohn George H Jr Pfc USA/WA
Goldberg Lawrence I Cpl Belgium   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/PA
Gomez Arthur G T/5 Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Goodpasture William R Sgt USA/MI
Grandbouche Leroy D T/5 Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Grant Melvin E Pvt USA/MD
Green Harry Pvt Germany 4/3/45 DOW MAR
Gresher James J S/Sgt Germany 3/24/45 USA/IL
Griffin John W Pvt Germany 3/24/45 DOW MAR
Griffith Wayne I S/Sgt DOW USA/MI
Grubb Joseph R Pfc Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Guarino Joseph P Pfc USA/OH
Guattery Basil Jr Pfc USA/CT
Guidry Donald F T/4 USA/LA
Guidry Lawrence Pfc DOW USA/LA
Gutierrez Grabiel I Pfc USA/TX
Gwinner Garfield T Sgt USA/CA
Hackett James H Pvt DOW USA/SD
Hale Chester A Pfc USA/GA
Hamilton Calvin Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Hamm Howard B Pvt USA/KY
Hanes Clarence E Pfc Germany 4/1/45 DOW MAR
Harris Campbell L Pvt USA/TN
Harvey Thomas D Sgt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Hasson Joseph Pvt USA/CA
Haughton Henry S Pfc Co D Germany 4/2/45 MAR
Head Newsom H Jr Pfc USA/TN
Hedrick Calvin K S/Sgt DOW USA/IL
Heiby Charles R Cpl Germany 3/26/45 MAR
Heidlebaugh Arley E Pvt DOW USA/IL
Hellenschmidt Jack S Pfc USA/NY
Hellrigel Peter J S/Sgt Belgium 1/8/45 H-C
Helms Thomas L Sgt DOW USA/NC
Henderson Roy E Pfc USA/WY
Herald Howard B T/4 DODY USA/PA
Herman Charles R Pfc Co I Belgium 1/8/45 DOW LUX
Hernandez Jesse G Pvt DOW USA/CA
Herne Robert Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Herrell Thermon E
Herrin Harry L Jr S/Sgt Germany 2/24/45 DOW USA/MO
Hester Charles A Pfc Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Higuera Louis G Pvt USA/CA
Hill Andrew T Pvt Belgium 1/6/45 H-C
Hirzel George W Pfc USA/PA
Holbach Lawrence C T/4 Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures MAR
Holland Norbert J Pvt Holland 10/25/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS H-C WOM
Holloman Breman O Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Huna Richard G Pfc Belgium 1/6/45 DOW LUX
Hunter Beaumont P Pfc Co D Germany 4/3/45 USA/NJ
Ivancich Theodore R Pvt Belgium 2/3/45 H-C
Jachman Isadore S S/Sgt Co B Belgium 1/4/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures ARDx MOH*
James Joseph R T/5 Co C Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/SC
John Herman K Sr Pvt USA/WA
Johnson Dick D Cpl Germany 3/24/45 ARD
Johnson Howard Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Johnson Iver O Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Johnson James R Pfc
Johnson Leon M Pfc DOW USA/OR
Joiner Raymond P Pvt Belgium 1/26/45 LUX
Jorge Joaquin H Pfc Germany 4/3/45 MAR
Joyce James J Pvt USA/OH
Judy Gary A Pfc USA/ID
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