17th Airborne Division

"I have nothing to offer but
...........blood, toil, tears and sweat."
............................................ ...Sir Winston Churchill
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17th Airborne Division Patch

(above insignia)
17th Airborne Division

Silver Recipient
Capt Kenneth E Hathaway
Pfc Noble F Helfer
Headquarters Company - 17th Airborne Division
Trooper Pictures

Brig General John L Whitelaw - Asst Division Commander

Brig Gen John L Whitelaw
17th Abn Div HQ
Asst Division Commander

Col Willard K Liebel - Chief of Staff

Col Willard K Liebel
17th Abn Div HQ
Chief of Staff

Capt Kenneth E Hathaway - Silver Star Recipient

Capt Kenneth E Hathaway
17th Abn Div HQ
Div HQ Co Commander

Lt Col Lewis R Good - G-1

Lt Col Lewis R Good
17th Abn Div HQ

Maj Lyle N McAlister

Maj Lyle N McAlister
17th Abn Div HQ

Maj Leonard P Roberts III

Maj Leonard P Roberts III
17th Abn Div HQ
Div Provost Marshall


Lt Col Edwin T Messinger
17th Abn Div HQ

Lt Col Charles W Koester

Lt Col Charles W Koester
17th Abn Div HQ

Lt Col Gabe W Lewis Jr - Division Adjutant General

Lt Col Gabe W Lewis Jr
17th Abn Div HQ
Adjutant General

Lt Col Albert S Lisenby - Judge Advocate

Lt Col Albert S Lisenby
17th Abn Div HQ
Judge Advocate

Lt Col Edward S Nelson -Division Inspector General

Lt Col Edward S Nelson
17th Abn Div HQ
Inspector General

Lt Col Wilson Thomas - Division Chemical Warfare Officer

Lt Col Wilson Thomas
17th Abn Div HQ
Chem Warfare Officer

Lt Col R.H. Tiffany - Division Quartermaster

Lt Col R. H. Tiffany
17th Abn Div HQ
Division Quartermaster

Lt Col Edward Sigerfoos - Division Surgeon

Lt Col Edward Sigerfoos
17th Abn Div HQ
Division Surgeon

 Maj Allen V Sapora - Division Special Services Officer

Maj Allen V Sapora
17th Abn Div HQ
Special Services Officer

Major Raymond W Smith - Division Ordnance Officer

Maj Raymond W Smith
17th Abn Div HQ
Division Ordnance Officer

Major Max W Foresman - Division Chaplain

Maj Max W Foresman
17th Abn Div HQ
Division Chaplain

Major Howard P Paulin - Headquarters Commandant

Maj Howard P Paulin
17th Abn Div HQ
Headquarters Commandant

Captain Joseph P Ahern - Division Signal Officer

Capt Joseph P Ahern
17th Abn Div HQ
Division Signal Officer

Major Arthur C Small - Division Finance Officer

Maj Arthur C Small
17th Abn Div HQ
Division Finance Officer

1/Sgt Thomas V Carl - Bronze Star Recipient

1/Sgt Thomas V Carl
17th Abn Div HQ
Bronze Star Recipient

S/Sgt Walter Judson Fingar - (Source: Craig Record)

S/Sgt Walter J Fingar
17th Abn Div HQ
Motor Pool

Cpl Robert E Krell - Yank War Correspondent (Source: B Jeffries)

Cpl Robert E Krell
17th Abn Div HQ
KIA 24 March 45

Sgt William L. Hightower

Sgt William L. Hightower
17th Abn
Division HQ

T/4 Thomas S Motley -   (Source:B Jeffries)

T/4 Thomas S Motley
17th Abn Div HQ
KIA 25 Jan 45

T/5 Joe B Smryl -  Div Recon (Source:B Jeffries)

T/5 Joe B Smryl
17th Abn Div Recon
KIA 24 March 45

Sgt William M Theer -   (Source:B Jeffries)

Sgt William M Theer
17th Abn Div HQ
KIA 6 April 45

Brig General Joseph V Phelps -  Division Artillery Commander

Brig Gen Joseph V Phelps
17th Abn Div HQ
Div Artillery Commander

Col Thomas S Gunby - Bronze Star Recipient

Col Thomas S Gunby
17th Abn Div Arty
Executive Officer

Maj James A Dickerson -  Division Artillery Bronze Star Recipient (Source:B Jeffries)

Maj James A Dickerson
17th Abn Div-Div Arty
KIA 24 March 45 (BS)

1/lt Lawrence W Crozier -   (Source:B Jeffries)

1/lt Lawrence W Crozier
17th Abn Div-Div Arty
KIA 6 April 45

T/4 Joseph A Callea -  Division Artillery (Source:B Jeffries)

T/4 Joseph A Callea
17th Abn Div-Div Arty
DOW 24 March 45

T/5 Demetrio M DeBellis -  Division Artillery  (Source:B Jeffries)

T/5 Demetrio M DeBellis
17th Abn Div-Div Arty
KIA 24 March 45

Pfc Noble F Helfer -  Division Artillery Silver Star Recipient (Source:B Jeffries)

Pfc Noble F Helfer
17th Abn Div-Div Arty
KIA 24 March 45 (SS)

Pfc Willam A Herron -  Division Artillery  (Source:B Jeffries)

Pfc Willam A Herron
17th Abn Div-Div Arty
KIA 24 March 45

T/5 Wilba M Willows -  Division Artillery  (Source:B Jeffries)

T/5 Wilba M Willows
17th Abn Div-Div Arty
KIA 24 March 45

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