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Silver Star Recipients
Pfc Ernest R Coffelt
Pfc Ezra Lapidoos
Sgt George J Mikel
T/Sgt Arnold P Riewe
Pfc Arthur R Sanchez
Pfc Vincent J Stislow

The 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor K - Z

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Kazmerzak Douglas V Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45 USA/SD
Keller Richard G Pfc Co D Corregidor 2/19/45 ML
Kennedy Harry R S/Sgt Co I Negros 4/17/45 ML
Kirkpatrick Gerald G Pfc Co E Negros 4/13/45 ML
Kiser Russell R Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45 USA/WI
Klemchuk Peter T/4 Co E Negros 4/28/45 ML
Kleres Otto K Sgt Co D Negros 4/21/45 ML
Knapp Glen R Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/24/45 USA/IA
Knott Samuel L Jr Pvt Co B Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Kobiska John Pvt Co A Gordonvale 2/21/43 DODY
Komaranski Michael C Pvt Co C Noemfoor DOW USA/OH
Krieg Donald P Pfc Co B Negros 7/18/45 ML
Kropiewnicki Stanley P Pfc Co A Negros 6/4/45 USA/NJ
Lanier Wilson T Pfc Hq Noemfoor 8/2/44 USA/NC
Lapidoos Ezra Pfc Hq 2 Negros 4/21/45 DOW/SS ML
Ledoux Leonard S/Sgt Co E Corregidor 2/16/45 USA/MA
Lee Will E Pvt Co D Noemfoor 7/22/44
Lee William W Pfc Co F Corregidor 2/18/45
Leonard Lawrence L Pfc Negros 4/30/45 DOW USA/CA
Leshinski John Pfc Co D Corregidor 2/19/45 PH (OLC) ML
Lindberg Harold C Pvt Hq 2 Negros 4/28/45 USA/IL
Ling Norbert D Pfc Co E Noemfoor KODY USA/OH
Lovenguth Albert C Pvt Co H Corregidor 2/18/45 MIA ML WOM
Luttrell Marton A Co G Negros
Lynch Roland T S/Sgt Co I Negros 4/8/45 ML
Maddy Frank L Pfc Co D Corregidor 2/19/45 ML
Maricic Andrew P Jr Sgt Co B Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Marion Ray H Pfc Co H Noemfoor 9/43
Marsh Francis Pvt Co D Corregidor 2/19/45
Marston Roy E Pfc Co C Corregidor 2/24/45
Martin Allen L Pfc Co F Negros 5/3/45 DOW
Martin Clifford E Pvt Co I New Guinea 9/17/43 ML
Matheny Donald G Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45
Maveus Frank Pvt Co D Negros 7/14/45
Maxwell Arvle C Pfc Co G Negros 6/13/45
Mc Call Rufus M Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/19/45 DOW ML
Mc Cann Thomas E Jr T/3 Medic Corregidor 2/16/45 ML
Mc Cann Thomas F Jr Pfc Noemfoor 7/20/44 ML
Mc Carey William J Pfc Co D Corregidor 2/24/45 ML
Mc Carty Samuel E Jr Pfc Medic Negros 5/24/45
Mc Crory Henry F Pfc Co F Negros 4/21/45
Mc Ginnis Roy C Pvt Co H Noemfoor 8/12/44
Mc Leod James W Pvt Hq 1 Negros 4/29/45 DOW
Mikel George J Pvt Co F Corregidor 2/22/45 SS ML
Miller Clarence A T/5 Hq 1 Corregidor 2/23/45 DOW
Miller Joseph M Sgt Co I Negros 5/21/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/MN
Mitchell Byron E Pfc Co G Negros 5/20/45 ML
Mitchem Charles J Pvt Co A Negros 5/23/45
Moore James R Pfc Co H Corregidor 2/18/45 MIA ML
Morgan Fred Pfc Co F Corregidor 2/19/45
Mount Edward R Sgt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45
Murdock Robert O Pfc Co G Ft Bragg DODY
Musolino Matthew Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/16/45
Narrow Paul Pfc Co F Corregidor 2/22/45
Natalie Mike Sgt Co F Negros 8/20/45 ML
Newbern William M Jr Sgt Co C Corregidor 2/21/45 ML
Novichuck Frank A Pvt Co G Noemfoor 8/10/44 ML
O Neill Charles J T/5 Svc Co Pt Moresby 1/29/45 ML
Ohm Alvin C Pfc Co G Negros
Owczarzak Bernard T Pfc Hq 2 Negros 4/25/45 ML
Pace John C Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45
Parker John M Pvt Hq 2 New Guinea 9/5/43 ML
Parsons Delbert L Sgt RHQ Negros 5/24/45 ML
Patterson Homer P Pfc Co F Corregidor 2/21/45
Patterson John F Pfc Co G Negros 4/10/45
Payne Donald D Pvt Co D Negros 5/13/45
Pelczar Leo A Sgt Co B Noemfoor
Perreault Roland E Pfc Co E Negros 4/28/45 ML
Petrie Bernard R Pvt Co B Gordonvale 2/24/43
Phillips George G Pfc Co C Noemfoor 8/6/44 DOW ML
Pierce Mervin K Co E Negros 5/27/45 DOW
Pippo Roy E Pfc Hq 2 Negros 4/26/45
Pinter Lester R T/5 Medic Corregidor 2/26/45 MIA ML WOM
Pitchford Charles L Pvt Hq 2 Negros 4/25/45
Porter Leonard R Pfc Co H Corregidor 2/16/45
Propst James W S/Sgt Hq 2 Negros 4/18/45
Puckett Clifton L Pfc Co D Corregidor 2/24/45 DOW
Rabe Harry W S/Sgt Co D Negros 4/20/45 ML
Reagan Osmand P Pfc Co H Corregidor 2/25/45
Redding Carroll F Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/18/45 ML
Redfield Edward T Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/18/45 ML
Reed Dewey Pfc Hq 3 Negros 4/12/45
Reed James F S/Sgt Co G Corregidor 2/16/45 ML
Remlinger Earl J S/Sgt Co I Negros 4/24/45
Riewe Arnold P T/Sgt Co H Negros 4/17/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  SS ML
Rivas Edward R Pvt Co A New Guinea 9/5/43 ML
Roberts George W Jr Pfc Co H Corregidor 2/22/45 DOW
Roberts Jonah M Cpl Hq 3 Negros 4/27/45 ML
Robinson Cecil R Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/23/45 ML
Rodriguez Albert Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/19/45
Rodriguez Baldomero Pfc Co A Negros 6/4/45 MIA
Rogers Gerald S Pfc Co G New Guinea 9/7/43 ML
Roote Ben S/Sgt Co F Negros 4/22/45
Rovolis Jimmie T Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/16/45 MIA ML WOM
Ruggio Pasquale Pfc Co F Corregidor 2/19/45
Saul Paul W Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Scardapane Guido F Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/24/45
Schlicker Norman M Sgt Co H Negros 4/18/45
Schmiddle Harold S/Sgt Co D Corregidor 2/19/45
Schneider Karl F Pvt Co F Negros 4/21/45
Schultze Peter E T/5 Hq 1 Corregidor 2/26/45
Schwartz John G Pfc Co D Corregidor 2/19/45 ML
Scroggins William G Pvt Co A Negros 4/28/45
Seal Martin T/4 Co D Corregidor 2/19/45 PH(OLC) ML
Segobia James S Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/18/45 ML
Selvage Robert E Pvt RHQ Negros 7/2/45 DOW USA/IL
Serrano Conrado N Pvt Co A Negros 4/23/45 DOW USA/TX
Shackles Evertte V Pvt Co A Negros 4/28/45 USA/MO
Shankles Willis C Pfc Co H Corregidor 2/19/45 USA/TN
Shaw Robert T Pvt Co H Noemfoor 8/13/44  Photo on Trooper Pictures ML
Shockley Orville D Pfc Co H Negros 4/18/45 USA/ID
Showstead Carl E Pfc Co E Negros 4/21/45 ML
Sienko Harry W Pfc Hq 2 Corregidor 2/19/45 DOW USA/IL
Slowe Benjamin R Pfc Co D Negros 5/2/45 USA/MN
Stislow Vincent J Pfc Co I Corregidor 2/18/45  Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW/SS USA/PA
Streicher Eugene R Pfc Co G Negros 4/12/45 USA/CA
Sullivan Luther W Pvt Co E Negros 6/4/45 MIA/BS ML WOM
Surber Virgil F Pvt Co F Negros 4/26/45 DOW USA/OR
Surwald Jack O Pfc Co E Negros 4/22/45 DOW USA/CA
Symonds Lawrence E Pfc Co H Negros 4/25/45 PH(OLC) ML
Tamburini Walter Pvt Co I Corregidor 2/17/45 USA/NJ
Thomas Albert F Pvt Co F Corregidor 2/16/45 ML
Thomas Herbert S/Sgt Co C Corregidor 2/19/45
Thomas Joseph A Jr Pfc Co C Noemfoor 7/13/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures ML
Thomas Robert F Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/19/45
Tonchuk Paul A Sgt Co I Negros 4/8/45
Toupal Louis O Pfc Co E Noemfoor 7/23/44 ML
Upchurch Cleo D T/4 Co D Negros 4/20/45
Vidal James A Pvt Noemfoor
Wallace Richard O S/Sgt Co B Corregidor 2/24/45 ML
Watts Dud Pfc Noemfoor
Weatherman Leo K Pfc Co I Negros 4/17/45
Wendell Frank A Jr Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Wenditz Robert F S/Sgt Co D Corregidor 2/19/45
Wharton Joe Pvt Co B Corregidor 2/24/45 DOW ML
White Cecil E Pfc Co H Negros 4/22/45
White Donald S/Sgt Co F Corregidor 2/19/45
White Robert H Pvt Gordonvale 5/6/43 HN
Whittington Allie B S/Sgt Co G Nadzab 9/15/43
Wicks Daniel H Pvt Co D Negros 5/13/45
Wilbur Myron A Sgt Hq 1 Gordonvale
Williams Alvin A Pfc Co A Negros
Williams Floyd a Pfc Co G Negros 4/9/45
Williams Frank B Pvt Co G Noemfoor 8/10/44
Wilson Donald Pvt Gordonvale 6/25/43 DODY
Wilson William C S/Sgt Co E Negros 4/25/45 DOW ML
Winebinder Frederick Pvt Hq 1 Noemfoor 7/13/44 DOW
Winslow John R Pvt No Africa 11/4/42 CAM
Wister Henry F S/Sgt Hq 2 Negros 5/2/45 PH (OLC) ML
Wojewodzic Edward T Sgt Co B Nadzab 9/14/43 USA/MI
Wooster Hiram E Pfc Co H Corregidor 2/17/45 PH (OLC) ML
Workman Dallas L Pvt Co F Negros 4/29/45 USA/OR
Yocum Theodore C Pfc Co F Corregidor 2/22/45 ML
Young Paul Pfc Negros 10/21/45 DODY
Young Raymond G Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/18/45
Zambeck Thomas S Sgt Co I Negros 4/25/45 USA/MI
Zebery William G Pfc Co G Negros 4/18/45
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