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517th PIR Patch

(above insignia)
517th PIR Patch

517th PIR WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

Pfc Melvin E Biddle

First Airborne Task Force Shoulder Patch

Distinguished Service Cross(DSC) Recipients

Pfc Nolan L Powell

Silver Star Recipients
Pfc Michael J Kane
Pfc Don E Karr
T/3 Charles M Keen
S/Sgt Cecil T Lockhart
Pvt Richard L Lynam
Pvt Arthur L Markle
Sgt George Mills
Pvt Jack J Milojevich
Sgt Wallace A Montgomery
Cpl Robert R Mourek
S/Sgt Willard C Nichols
Pvt Joseph E O'Brien
Sgt Glen H Overmyer
Pfc Lloyd L Pennington
S/Sgt Arthur J Purser
S/Sgt Arnold C Ridout
Sgt David A Rivers
PvtCarl G Salmon
S/Sgt Robert P Steel
Pvt William F Thorng
Pvt Harold B Weaver
Pvt Leroy E Wittwer
Pfc Edmund Zygnowicz
517th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor K - Z

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Kaminski Merle A Pvt Co I Belgium USA/NY
Kersey Wilburn H Pvt Co E So France 10/18/44 USA/TX
La Bar Laverne Jr Pvt Co D So France 9/6/44 RHO
Lambert Glenn R Pvt Hq 3 Belgium USA/SC
Lampella Mertz W Pfc Co H Belgium 1/13/45 H-C
Lang Edward J Cpl Co C Belgium 12/24/44 H-C
Lemen Charles C Pvt Co E So France 8/15/44 RHO
Lewis Harold J Pfc Hq 2 So France 9/12/44 RHO
Licano Pedro P Pfc Italy USA/AZ
Lopez Daniel T Pvt Co D So France 9/6/44 USA/NJ
Lynam Richard L Pvt Co H Belgium 1/5/45 SS USA/OH
Manley Anthony P Pvt Co E Belgium 2/8/45 MAR
Mattice Kenneth R Sgt Co I So France 11/6/44 USA/NY
Mc Andrew Edward V Cpl Co F Belgium USA/NJ
Mc Dade Charles B Sgt Co D Belgium 1/3/45 BS USA/NC
Mc Donald Travis V Pfc Co D So France 9/7/44 USA/TX
Mc Ley Melvin W Pfc Co A So France 9/9/44 RHO
Meyer George A Pvt Hq 1 Belgium USA/MN
Miller Robert J Sgt Co I So France 9/7/44 USA/CA
Mills George Sgt Co G Belgium 1/19/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  SS H-C
Milojevich Jack J Pvt Co F Belgium SS USA/CA
Mitchell John Pfc Co B Belgium 12/23/44 H-C
Mizner Glen E Pvt Co A Belgium USA/CA
Montgomery Wallace A Pvt Co B So France 8/16/44 SS USA/OK
Mourek Robert R Cpl Co E Belgium 1/3/45 SS H-C
Murphy Andrew Jr Sgt Co B Italy 6/18/44 USA/PA
Muth Dervyn F Pfc Hq 1 Belgium USA/WA
Naylor Thomas A Pvt Med So France 9/26/44
Oblick John G Pvt Co F Belgium USA/PA
O Brien Joseph E Pvt Co F So France 8/15/44 SS USA/CA
Ogniewski Daniel L Pfc Co D So France 11/4/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/NY
Olea Joe B Pfc Germany 6/26/45 KODY EP
Oliver Marvin R Pfc Co A So France 10/13/44 USA/AR
Pace Ledlie R Pvt Co B Belgium 12/23/44 H-C
Pacey James J Pvt Co F So France 9/12/44 RHO
Partridge O L Pvt Co F Belgium USA/MS
Paturzo Thomas F Cpl Hq 3 Belgium DOW USA/NY
Penn John S Pvt Co I Belgium 12/27/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/CA
Pennington Lloyd L Pfc Med Belgium SS USA/AL
Perdue James T Pvt Hq 2 Belgium USA/TX
Pippin Layton W Pvt Co H Belgium 1/5/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/MI
Polinsky John J Pvt Co E So France 10/27/44 RHO
Radon Stanley E Pfc Co I So France 9/27/44 RHO
Reginato Joseph J Pvt Co E So France 9/9/44 DOW USA/CA
Ren Alvie F Pvt Co C Belgium 1/5/45 H-C
Rice Everett J Pvt Co H Belgium 2/7/45 MAR
Richards William Pfc Co H So France 9/9/44 PH (OLC) RHO
Richmond Howard L Pvt Co E So France 10/17/44 DOW RHO
Richmond Julius J Pvt Hq Hq So France 10/2/44 USA/MS
Riddle Guy Pfc Hq 3 Belgium USA/IL
Ridout Arnold C S/Sgt Co F So France 9/12/44 SS USA/WI
Rivers David A Sgt Co B Belgium 12/23/44 SS USA/MO
Rose Thomas G Pfc Hq 2 Belgium USA/TX
Rzonca Paul A Pfc Co I Belgium USA/IL
Sailor Richard Pvt Co I So France 8/22/44 USA/MN
Salmon Carl G Pvt Co C So France 8/17/44 SS/DOW RHO
Samoska Joe P T/Sgt Co F Belgium USA/OH
Scecina George J Pvt Co A So France 8/16/44 USA/IN
Scott Frank O Jr Pvt Co I Belgium 12/27/44 H-C
Seegar Harold D Pvt Med So France 10/27/44 RHO
Sessum Arthur W Jr Pvt Co H Belgium 12/29/44 PH (OLC) H-C
Shaddox Tildon W Pfc Co C Belgium DOW USA/CA
Shaneyfelt Alton L T/4 Co F So France 8/15/44 USA/AL
Shelton Alan R T/5 Co F So France 8/15/44
Sherman Arthur E Cpl Co F So France 9/18/44 RHO
Shumaker Harold I Pfc Co I So France 9/25/44 USA/MI
Slaten James S Jr Pfc Co B Italy USA/TX
Smith Shannon F Pfc Co I Belgium 12/27/44 H-C
Spears William S Sgt Co C Belgium 1/14/45 H-C
Stanford Charles F Pfc Co G So France 8/22/44 USA/PA
Statt John A Pvt Co G So France 9/7/44 Fr Fire
Stevens Leonard D Pfc Co G Belgium 2/3/45 MAR
Stewart Joseph M Cpl Co A So France 9/26/44 BS/PH(OLC) RHO
Sutton James H Pfc Co G Belgium USA/OH
Szczech Casimer W T/5 Hq 3 So France 11/4/44 USA/MD
Tarpley Courville B Cpl Co I Belgium USA/TN
Taylor Eugene L Cpl Hq 1 Italy USA/CA
Thomason Victor Jr T/5 Co G Belgium USA/AR
Thompson Raymond F Pvt Co H So France 9/8/44 PH (OLC) RHO
Thorng William F Pvt Co D So France 9/4/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  SS USA/NC
Timinski Frank L Cpl Hq 1 Belgium 12/25/44 USA/PA
Tinger Wendell J Sgt Co I Belgium USA/NY
Tuberson Donald B Pvt Co G Belgium USA/PA
Twibell Charles L Pfc Co D Germany 7/28/45 BS/PH (OLC) EP
Uchytil Gerald Pfc Co H Belgium 2/7/45 H-C
Usery Harvey J Pvt Co H Belgium 2/7/45 PH (OLC) H-C
Van Ness Joseph F Pvt Co B So France 8/31/44 BS RHO
Vanderpool Walter Pvt Co D So France 11/4/44 USA/NY
Vane David E Pvt Hq 2 Germany 5/21/45 MIA EP
Vasquez Albert J Pvt Co I Belgium USA/IA
Walker William R Pfc Co I Belgium 1/7/45 USA/AL
Walsh Edward G Pfc Co I Belgium USA/NY
Walton Joe E Pvt Hq 2 So France 9/1/44
Walton James L Pvt Hq 2 So France 9/1/44 USA/NC
Weaver Harold B Pvt Germany 2/6/45 SS USA/NC
Weimer Edward W Pvt Co I Belgium USA/NY
Whinnington Clyde C Pfc Co H Belgium
Whitfield Jack Pfc Hq 3 So France 10/2/44 RHO
Wilkins John D T/5 Co C Belgium 1/5/45 PH (OLC) H-C
Williams John D T/5 Co C Belgium 1/5/45
Williams Robert L Pvt Co I Belgium
Wise Albert R Sgt Co A Belgium 1/5/45 BS H-C
Woehrer Henry A Pvt Co H Belgium 1/13/45 H-C
Woodcock Willis A Pvt Co I So France 9/11/44
Wyatt John C T/5 Svc Co Italy 6/28/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/IL
York Joe E Pfc Hq 2 So France 9/6/44 USA/PA
Zeroski Felix J Pfc Co H Belgium USA/OH
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