13th Airborne Corps
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    515th PIR
    517th PIR
    326th GIR
    129th AEB
    596th AEC
    460th PFAB
    602nd GFAB
    512th Sig Co
    513th Sig Co
    334th QM Co
    887th AEC
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    11th Abn Div
    13th Abn Div
    17th Abn Div
    82nd Abn Div
    101st Abn Div
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    Bulge Memories
    517th PRCT
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517th PIR Patch

(above insignia)
517th PIR Patch

First Airborne Task Force Shoulder Patch

Silver Star Recipients
1/Lt Harry D Allingham
1/Lt Ralph Allison
Capt James P Birder
1/Lt Flave J Carpenter
1/Lt Leonard S Cooper
2/Lt Paul E Craig Jr
Maj Thomas R Cross
2/Lt Paul E Craig Jr
Capt A P Dearing
Capt Daniel W Dickinson
Maj Donald W Fraser
2/Lt Harold M Freeman
1/Lt Ludlow Gibbons
Capt George E Giuchici
Col Rupert D Graves
1/Lt Charles J Hillsdale
2/Lt Fred P Hughes
Capt Walter G Irvin
1/Lt Richard C Jackson
Capt Milton M Kienlen
1/Lt H.R. Kleinendorst
Capt John J Lissner
Capt Joseph T McGeever
Capt J McNamara
1/Lt Russell T Miller
1/Lt John H Neiler
1/Lt Thomas E Patin
Lt Col Forest X Paxton
1/Lt Timothy P Quigley
1/Lt Benjamin E Renton
1/Lt Arthur W Ridler
Capt Dean D Robbins
1/Lt Carl E Starkey
1/Lt Paul P Way
Lt Col Melvin Zais

517th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor - Officers

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Allingham Harry D 1/Lt Co C Belgium 12/25/44 SS USA/MI
Beaudoin Roland A 2/Lt Co C Belgium 12/24/44 USA/MA
Birder James P Capt Co I Germany 2/7/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures SS USA/IN
Burwell William E 2/Lt Co D Belgium USA/NJ
Casselman John C 1/Lt Co F Belgium 1/3/45 BS/PH(OLC) H-C
Craig Paul E Jr 2/Lt Co E Belgium SS USA/MO
Freeman Harold M 2/Lt Co H So France 8/16/44 SS USA/WA
Mc Geever Joseph T Capt Hq 3 So France 9/11/44 SS USA/MT
Miley Maurice J 2/Lt Hq 2 So France 8/15/44 USA/OH
Rea Thomas L 1/Lt Hq 2 Belgium 2/9/45 MAR
Ridler Arthur W 1/Lt Co G So France 9/9/44 SS USA/NJ
Robinson Albert M Jr 2/Lt Hq 2 So France 8/17/44 RHO
Sadlo Charles J 2/Lt Co A So France 10/8/44 USA/NY
Stott Floyd A 1/Lt Co I Belgium 12/27/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures RHO
Thomas Hillard B 2/Lt Co H So France 9/18/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures RHO
Whitley Charles V 1/Lt Co E Belgium 1/3/45 BS/PH(OLC) H-C

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