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17th Airborne WW II
Medal of Honor Recipients

T/Sgt Clinton M Hedrick
S/Sgt Isadore S Jachman
Pvt George J Peters
Pfc Stuart S Stryker

Distinguished Service Cross(DSC) Recipients
1/Lt John W Deam
1/Lt Richard deY Manning

Silver Star Recipients
Pfc Jack Cook
T/4 Harold E Lotze
Pfc Henry G Smith Jr
Pfc Ludie L Smyth
Pvt William I Thomson
Cpl Frank W Varsame

The 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor K - Z

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Kahabka George G Sgt Germany 3/24/45 USA/WI
Keenan Ralph V Cpl Co I Belgium 1/7/45 USA/MA
Keller Patrick M Pfc USA/LA
Kendziora Thomas A S/Sgt Germany 3/31/45 MAR
King David T Pfc
Kinkus Frank J Jr Pfc Belgium 1/45 USA/OH
Kishbach Harrison E Pfc Co A Belgium 1/3/45 USA/PA
Kmetz Michael M Pvt Co D Belgium 1/45 2nd Pltn USA/PA
Koziol William J Pfc Belgium 1/4/45 H-C
Kozlowski Frederick Pfc Germany 3/24/45 PH (OLC) MAR
Krawiec Andrew P Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Krotulski Louis J Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Kruck Harold M 1/Sgt USA/CA
Laczkowski Joseph W Pfc Germany 3/24/45 BS/PH(OLC) ARD
Leathers Harlan R Pvt Germany 3/26/45 MAR
Lee Harold B S/Sgt USA/LA
Leech Keith H Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Leopold George O T/5 Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Levasseur Louis P 1/Sgt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Levasseur Thomas L Pvt Hq 1 Belgium 2/8/45 H-C
Levorson Mark C S/Sgt Hq 1 Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Libolt Clarence W Pfc DOW USA/OR
Lincoln Lawrence E Pvt Belgium 1/5/45 H-C
Logan James M Cpl Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Lombardi Joseph A Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Loomis Volney L Pfc Belgium DOW USA/MI
Lotze Harold E T/4 Germany 3/31/45 MAR
Lovato Ernest O Pfc Co D USA/WY
Lovett Dozier S Jr Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Lowinger Milton S/Sgt USA/NY
Lubbock John L Pvt USA/TX
Lukashevich John Pfc DOW
Lund Elliott R Pfc Co B 1945 POW/Died USA/NH
Macliz Miguel G T/5 DOW
Maley Edward P Pvt Co E Germany 3/28/45 MAR
Malinowski Joseph Pvt Belgium 1/5/45 LUX
Mangel Herbert E Pvt USA/NY
Manning George H Pfc USA/TN
Manning Paul T/5 USA/AL
March Benny B Sgt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Marchetta Ernest G Pfc Belgium 1/7/45 H-C
Martin Jack W Sgt DOW
Mathiason Gordon L Pfc USA/ND
Maxwell William WG Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 DOW LUX
Mc Bean Preston K Pvt USA/TX
Mc Clesky J B Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Mc Cormack Melvin C Pvt Belgium DOW
Mc Devitt Francis V S/Sgt Belgium 1/4/45 H-C
Mc Donald William Pfc Hq 2 Germany 3/27/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW MAR
Mc Dougal William T Pfc Co D Belgium 1/7/45 H-C
Mc Kain Lloyd J Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Mc Laughlin Howard M Pvt Co D Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS/MIA ARD WOM
Mc Peek Russell E Pfc Germany 3/26/45 MAR
Meadowcraft George C Pfc USA/IL
Melvin James A Jr Pvt Belgium 1/8/45 DOW LUX
Miles Vincent P Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Miller Robert E Pfc
Miller William L T/5 USA/IN
Milner Lynn E Pvt Belgium 3/10/45 KODY EP
Ming Joel Y Pvt USA/CA
Moda Anthony J Pfc Co D Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures MAR
Monk Wesley J T/Sgt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Moore Gordon W Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Mora Anthony W S/Sgt Hq 1 Belgium 1/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures LUX
Morin Jean P Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Morton Alfred J S/Sgt USA/NC
Muldoon Phillip G Pfc DOW USA/NV
Mullennax Floyd L Pfc USA/OK
Muncy James A Pfc Germany 3/28/45 MAR
Muszynski Charles H Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Nemecek William J Pfc Co C Belgium   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS/POW Stalag 1B
Nicewonger Clair W Pfc USA/PA
Noble Keith R Pfc Germany 4/2/45 MAR
Norton Joseph B Pvt USA/FL
Novotny Edward J T/3 USA/IL
Nurnberg George W Pfc Germany 3/31/45 MAR
O'Connor Michael J 1/Sgt Germany 3/25/45 DOW MAR
Oliva Frank J Pfc USA/PA
Olmstead Bernard H Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 H-C
O'Sullivan John D S/Sgt Germany 3/30/45 MAR
Paige Harlan W Pvt Co D Belgium 1/4/45 USA/WI
Palmer Howard S Pfc
Palmer Lloyd L Jr Pvt Germany 3/31/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  DOW MAR
Parker Carl Z Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 H-C
Parker William E Pvt
Parkinson Thomas H Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Parra Henry C Sgt Belgium 1/5/45 LUX
Patton Paul J Pfc
Pawson William B T/5 Belgium
Peek Floyd W T/5 Belgium 1/5/45
Peltz William Pfc Germany 3/25/45 DOW MAR
Podgurski Frank D Pvt
Poland Gerard H Pfc
Poole Carl F Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 H-C
Porter Roy O Pfc Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures MAR
Pratt Donald G Sgt Germany 4/18/45 MAR
Pritchard Milton G Cpl Belgium 1/4/45 H-C
Pruskowski John Pvt
Puzzuoli Herman Pfc Germany 3/30/45 DOW MAR
Quillin Earl E Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 BS LUX
Ream William G Pfc SS
Regan Robert M Sgt Co D Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Reft John T/5 Med Germany 3/24/45 USA/PA
Reinwald Anthony J Sgt Germany 3/24/45 BS ARD
Remshak Frank J Jr Pfc Co D
Revels Maurice Pvt DOW
Reynolds Elvis Pfc Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Riley Robert D Pvt Germany 3/24/45 DOW MAR
Robertson Franklin L Pvt
Roehrich Carl F Sgt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Rohmann Clarence E Pfc Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Rothweiler Charles E Pvt
Roupa Eduardo F Pfc Germany 4/3/45 DOW MAR
Rozzi Tony R Cpl USA/PA
Runkle Hugh V T/5 Belgium 2/9/45 DOW H-C
Ryder Joseph F Pvt USA/PA
Sales William G Sgt
Sanders Robert A S/Sgt Co D Germany 3/28/45 PH (OLC) MAR
Sarazyn Frank R Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Sarri Emil J Pvt
Saunders Roy K Sgt Co D England 10/2/44 KODY CAM
Sayre Dean A Cpl Co D USA Accident
Schmidt Ervin D Pvt Co F Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/IL
Schwartz William J S/Sgt USA/NJ
Scoggins Richard A Pfc Belgium 1/20/45 DOW LUX
Scott Alvie L Pfc Belgium 1/24/45 MAR
Sharpe James K S/Sgt Belgium 1/4/45
Scott Paul J Pfc Germany 3/24/45 PH 2(OLC) MAR
Sheahan Maurice E Jr S/Sgt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Sheffield Clifford M Pvt Belgium 1/5/45 USA/VA
Shellabarger Kenneth C Pfc DOW USA/IA
Shenkel Carson E T/4 Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Shepherd Richard O Pvt USA/IN
Shriver Edward F Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Shurtz George W Pvt USA/WA
Siedlik Frank J Pfc Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Sigle Charles E Pvt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Sigurdson Stefan K S/Sgt USA/WA
Silva Bud N Pvt USA/CA
Simpson Eugene C Sr Pvt USA/OH
Sims Walter L Pvt Co C Belgium 1/4/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/MO
Skinner Thomas A Pvt USA/CA
Slocomb Raymond W Pvt Co F Belgium 1/4/45 H-C
Smiglewski Walter J Pfc Belgium 1/5/45 LUX
Smith Douglas E T/5 Medic Germany 3/25/45 USA/IL
Smith Leland C T/Sgt USA/NY
Smith Milton C T/Sgt USA/AL
Smyth Ludie L Pfc CO H Germany 4/3/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures SS USA/CA
Sopish Mike J Pfc USA/PA
Sperling Larry J Sgt Belgium 1/7/45 DOW LUX
Stockholm Dennis M Pfc Belgium 1/7/45 BS/MIA ARD  WOM
Stout Richard L Sgt Co D Belgium 1/7/45 H-C
Stryker Stuart S Pfc Co E Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures ARDx MOH*
Sturtevant Alfred D Pfc USA/OR
Suschinski Stanley M Pvt USA/NY
Swortwood Carl E Pvt USA/OH
Swygert Hubert L S/Sgt Co A Belgium 1/3/45 USA/SC
Symons Phillip C Pvt Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Szpakowski Adolph L r Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Szwak Raymond A Pfc Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures MAR
Tanner Paul J Jr S/Sgt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Taylor Ethmer D T/Sgt USA/OK
Teegarden Clinton R Pvt DOW USA/IL
Thomas John R S/Sgt Co C Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Thompson Clifford Pfc Belgium 1/25/45 LUX
Thompson Robert M Sgt Co C Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Thompson James L T/Sgt USA/CO
Thompson Robert M Sgt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Thomson William I Pvt Belgium 1/4/45 SS LUX
Tipton Edward G Pfc Co C Belgium 1/4/45 USA/WV
Tom Chin T Pvt Co F Germany 3/24/45 PH (OLC) MAR
Tomasch Jack Pfc USA/OH
Toomey John R S/Sgt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Truken John Pvt USA/CT
Tucker Stanley H Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 BS LUX
Ultimo Augustus P Jr Pvt Germany 3/25/45 DOW/PH(OLC) MAR
Ust Charles J T/Sgt Co D Germany 3/24/45 ARD
Varsame Frank W Cpl Belgium 1/4/45 SS LUX
Vendt Albert W Pfc Co E Germany 3/28/45 MAR
Vitale Basilio V Pvt Belgium USA/CA
Walicki Henry L Pvt USA/MN
Wallace George Jr Pfc USA/OH
Walters William A Pvt USA/ID
Wallack George R Pvt USA/PA
Ward Albert E Jr Sgt USA/OH
Watkins Golden S T/Sgt USA/UT
Weeks Robert W S/Sgt Germany 4/23/45 ARD
Weiss Edwin Pfc Belgium USA/PA
Wells William E Pvt Belgium 1/6/45 LUX
White Jack W Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
Whiteshield Jack M Pfc Belgium 2/2/45 LUX
Willever Raymond S.J. Cpl Belgium 1/7/45 USA/NJ
Williams Alvis F Pvt Germany 4/2/45 PH (OLC) MAR
Willis Charles M Pfc Co E Germany 3/24/45 DOW USA/TX
Wilson Clyde A Pfc Belgium 1/5/45 H-C
Wilson David C Pfc Germany 3/24/45 PH (OLC) MAR
Wisner Arthur D Pfc Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Wolfe Clarence F Pfc Belgium 3/4/45 EP
Wytovich Roman R Pvt Belgium 1/20/45 LUX
Zaleski Charles T T/4 USA/PA
Zier John A Pfc Belgium 1/7/45 LUX
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