101st Airborne Division

"This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with
.................... ......Franklin Delano Roosevelt - June 27,1936
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502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment Patch

(above picture)
502nd PIR Patch

101st Airborne WW II
Medal of Honor Recipients

  Lt Col Robert G Cole
Pfc Joe E. Mann

502nd PIR WW II
Distinguished Service Cross(DSC) Recipients

Lt Col Patrick F Cassidy
Lt Col Steve A Chappius
Pfc William Conklin
1/Lt George H Craft
Capt Fred O Drennan
1/Lt George M Eberle
Pfc William Evans
Pfc Frank P Garofano
1/Lt Ernest O Harris
Sgt Bailey Harrison
Pfc Fred S Jones Jr
Capt Frank L Lillyman
Pfc Floyd P Marquart
1/Sgt Hubert Odom
1/Lt Robert C Pick
Capt St Julien Rosemond
T/4 Jack Rudd
1/Sgt Kenneth N Sprecher
Lt Col John P Stopka
2/Lt Harrison C Sumners


USAAF Airborne Troop Carriers in World War II

The Drop Zone

ETO Cross Channel Attack (Hyperwar)

D-Day and Beyond (Memories)

Carentan Historical Center

The 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment
Service Company & Regimental Headquarters - Trooper Pictures
Service Company
Pfc George S Gillespie (Source: B Jeffries)

Pfc George S Gillespie
502nd PIR
Service Company

Pvt Carrol Gomez (Source: 2nd Cousin - Joe Ault)

Pvt Carrol Gomez
502nd PIR Srvc
KIA 21 Dec 44

1/Lt Troy D Wall (Source: B Jeffries)

1/Lt Troy D Wall
502nd PIR
Service/C Companies

2/Lt George L Davidson (Source: B Jeffries)

2/Lt George L Davidson
502nd PIR Srvc
KIA 20 Sept 44

Regimental Headquarters (RHQ)
Cpl Robert W Brigham - HQ Company - Puprle Heart(OLC)

Cpl Robert W Brigham
502nd PIR RHQ
KIA 23 Oct 44

T/4 Roy Champagne - RHQ

T/4 Roy Champagne
502nd PIR

Pfc Lawrence B Chesney - HQ Company (Source: B Jeffries)

Pfc Lawrence B Chesney
502nd PIR RHQ
KIA 04 Nov 44

Pfc Joseph F Hill - HQ Company

Pfc Joseph F Hill
502nd PIR RHQ
KIA 22 Oct 44

Pvt Robert E Jesper - HQ Company - Bronze Star Recipient

Pvt Robert E Jesper
502nd PIR RHQ
MIA 7 June 44

Sgt Robert E Jourdan- HQ Company Silver Star Recipient (Source: B Jeffries)

Sgt Robert E Jourdan
502nd PIR RHQ
KIA 11 June 44 (SS)

Pvt Richard M Ladd - RHQ S-2

Pvt Richard M Ladd
502nd PIR

Cpl Arthur L Mc Daniel - HQ Company (Source: B Jeffries)

Cpl Arthur L Mc Daniel
502nd PIR RHQ
KIA 11 June 44

Sgt Victor Nelson - 502nd RHQ S-3

Sgt Victor Nelson
502nd PIR

Pvt Orville Nielsen - 502nd RHQ (Source: Debbie Palm)

Pvt Orville Nielsen
502nd PIR

Pfc John C Primerano - 502nd RHQ Wire Section  (Source: B Jeffries)

Pfc John C Primerano
502nd PIR RHQ
Wire Section

Pfc Francis A Rocca - D-Day Pathfinder Stick 2  (Source: B Jeffries)

Pfc Francis A Rocca
502nd PIR RHQ/C
D-Day Pathfinder

T/5 Jasper Willard Royale - 502nd RHQ Field Lineman  (Source: Philip Hoyle)

T/5 Jasper W Royale
502nd PIR RHQ
Field Lineman

Sgt Major David Taylor - 502nd RHQ (Source:Mark Bando)

Sgt/Maj David Taylor
502nd PIR

Pfc David C Tharp - 502nd RHQ Radio Operstor  (Source: Jenny Tharp La Sala)

Pfc David C Tharp
502nd PIR RHQ
Radio Operator

Pfc Bruce W Thrasher - 502nd RHQ Demolition Specialist & Bronze Star Recipient (Source: Lee Thrasher)

Pfc Bruce W Thrasher
502nd PIR RHQ
Bronze Star Recipient

Cpl Kenneth R Ward

Cpl Kenneth R Ward
502nd PIR RHQ
KIA 13 Jan 45

1/Lt Reed Pelfrey - RHQ - D-Day Pathfinder (Courtesy: Gordon Stewart: WW II Airborne Demonstration Team)

1/Lt Reed Pelfrey
502nd PIR RHQ
D-Day Pathfinder

Capt George Buker - RHQ - S-2 (Courtesy: B Jeffries)

Captain George Buker
502nd PIR RHQ

Captain Leo Schweiter - RHQ - S-2 (Courtesy: B Jeffries)

Captain Leo Schweiter
502nd PIR RHQ
Asst G-2

Major Henry G Plitt - RHQ-G-3 2 Silver Stars - PH 3 (OLC) (Source: B Jeffries)

Major Henry G Plitt
502nd PIR RHQ
G-3 - 2(SS)

Regimental Medical Detachment (RMD)
Captain Frank Choy -1st Btn Surgeon (Courtesy: B Jeffries)

Captain Frank Choy
502nd PIR 1 Btn
1st Btn Surgeon

Pvt Patrick J Callery - Medic - Dental Assistant

Pvt Patrick J Callery
502nd PIR MD

Pfc Robert E Ray - Medic - Recipient of 2 Bronze Stars

Pfc Robert E Ray
502nd PIR MD
Medic 2(BS)

T/5 Willie I Robison  (Source: B Jeffries)

T/5 Willie I Robison
502nd PIR RHQ

Other - (Company Unknown)
T/5 Bill F Edgell - Bronze Star Recipient (Source: B Jeffries)

T/5 Bill F Edgell
502nd PIR
Bronze Star Recipient

Pvt Philip A Sangenario - D-Day Pathfinder Stick 2  (Source: B Jeffries)

Pvt Philip A Sangenario
502nd PIR
D-Day Pathfinder

S/Sgt Floyd C Workman (Source: B Jeffries)

S/Sgt Floyd C Workman
502nd PIR
Unknown Company

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