"Courage is the first of all human qualities because
""""it is the quality that guarantees all the others. "

................................................... ...Sir Winston Churchill
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505th PIR Pocket Patch

The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roster  Regimental Medical Detachment (Partial)

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank ASN No. Pltn Status Medals Comment

Adams Clayton C 34531050
Adams Harlan F 6299104
Adams Harry E 33147128 Also in Srvc
Adams Ralph T 6968041 also in Co G
Adkins George B 20362515 Also in Hq1
Affleck John H 14129133 Also in Co F
Akins Raymond L 15054694 also in Hq 1
Alton Philip A 33096346
Ames Edwin 11034257
Andur Charles 36629032
Attalla Arthur B 110448045
Baer Leroy E 33874490
Barnette James E 6988604
Barrett Kenneth L 37276652
Barrow William C 39017561
Behlow Walter H 20643519
Bentle Dewey H 18006195
Bevins Raymond 6991767
Bey Paul A 14110043
Bickel Earl L 35163341
Blasdel Sherwood W Pvt 20643519 KODY England
Bleigh Ballard C 15013524
Bojarski Theodore L 32382067
Bonaventura Tony Pvt 13109656 KIA PH Holland
Brown Earnest J 20735606
Brown Jack E 38027057
Brown Paul B 37191879
Buck Rex D 32252436
Bumpus John J 35137248
Byars Kelly W 34116290
Campbell Guy 19160099
Campos Manuel 38398098
Carnes Vernon D Pfc 37541582 KIA PH Holland
Carpenter Marion B 6669881  
Cibelli Ludwig J 1/Lt 0-1689166  
Clancy John W 16099058  
Clark Marshall S Jr 6872704  
Cole William K 7027761  
Collins Ora C Jr 14080591  
Comstock Carl R 1/Lt 0-469571  
Conklin William A 33571362  
Cook Francis C 31384294  
Crane T J Pvt 20919076 KIA PH  Normandy
Croce Joseph A  
Crosby Marvin L 20468615  
Cuccio Mariano L 32158778  
Cullen Joseph F 37548933  
Cupido Carl A 33141343  
Curry James M 20415848  
Danner Charles L Jr 33802641  
Fodor Oscar A 1/Lt 0-511098
Franco Robert Capt 0-423669 SS SM PH(OLC)  Photo on Trooper Pictures A/Reg Surg
Fuller Herman R Pvt 34139200 KIA PH  Holland
Gajewski Harry H 36628467  
Mc Clelland Amo S Jr 13001051  
Mc Clure Donald A 39240176  
Mc Garigle James G 42026964  
Mc Guire Thomas F 12028671  
Mc Ilvoy Daniel B Jr Maj 0-417858    Photo on Trooper Pictures Reg Surgeon
Meade Leslie I T/4 33647789 551    Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Savoie Donat L Capt    Photo on Trooper Pictures Reg Dentist
Spohn Herbert J 37143183  
Sroka Chester S 36622942  
Stagner Ira V 13034238  
Starck Gordon R 16048301  
Stein Lester 1/Lt 0-417073  
Stenhouse Gordon C 1/Lt 0-327543  
Stenoien Ralph 37031915   Also in Srvc Co
Streath Robert G 20263585  
Suer Alexander P Capt 0-400651 DOW SS PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Reg Dentist
Swart Elzy C 20368002  
Taylor John F 17011410  
Terry Aubrey B 14002560  
Thomas Charlie L 6450046  
Thomas David E 1/Lt 0-22700  
Tobin James M 6134959  
Turnipseed Galloway 34027890  
Underwood Orlie E 39170287  
Valiga John Jr 13058545  
Verti James V T/Sgt 36628960 PH(OLC)   Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Wells James S 33009360  
West John O 16175752  
Westbrook James E 34031462  
Whatley Elmo K Jr 14003695  
Whidden Jackson C 20425633  
Williams William 6392739   also in Hq 2
Young Jesse L 6944263
Zeller Walter F 36063867
Zellmer Edwin A 36163881
Zimmerman Lester H 12080368

BS   -  Bronze Star KODY - Killed on Duty PLTN - Platoon
CAPT - Captain LT COL -  Lieutenant Colonel POW  -  Prisoner of War
COL - Colonel 1/LT - First Lieutenant SGT - Sergeant
DODY - Died on Duty 2/LT- Second Lieutenant S/SGT - Staff Sergeant
DOI - Died of Injuries MAJ -  Major 1/SGT - First Sergeant
DOW - Died of Wounds MIA - Missing in Action SS - Silver Star
DSC - Distinguished Service Cross MOH - Medal of Honor T/SGT - Technician Sergeant
JWO - Junior Warrant Officer PFC -  Private First Class T/4 - Technician 4th Class
KIA - Killed in Action PH - Purple Heart T/5 - Technician 5th Class

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